What is an Unverified NFT?

OnIn your Profile Page, if an NFT falls into the Unverified items tab, this is because it is not recognized as part of a collection listed on the Magic Eden marketplace.


There are a few potential causes for why your NFT might display an Unverified status:


  1. The NFT collection may not be listed on Magic Eden yet: If you search for the collection, you may get no results. The creator(s) may still need to submit a listing request form, or the request form may still be being processed by our listing team.
    a. Most curated auction items do not belong to a collection yet, and as such would appear as Unverified. If you have won an NFT from a curated auction, please reach out to us so we can help create the collection to 'house' the NFT that you've won.
  2. The NFT collection is not updated: If the collection is already listed, but some NFTs are still appearing as Unverified, the project creators may need to send us a collection update request form with an up-to-date hashlist. This new hashlist should include your NFT, and once it is processed, your NFT will appear as a verified piece of the collection.
  3. The NFT in question is not part of the collection: Sometimes if an NFT shows as Unverified, it’s possible that it may be a fake. Usually it’s because the trader bought the NFT directly from an untrusted source or marketplace that allowed the trade to occur. If you suspect this to be the case, we recommend that you reach out to the creators and have them check for you whether your NFT is an authorized part of the collection.
  4. The NFT is part of a delisted collection: Finally, it is possible that the collection was delisted. If this was the case, most often the reason is that the collection orproject was deemed as being either offensive, a scam, or a potential IP infringement.


In any of these cases, it is best to reach out to the creators of the NFT collection or project to verify which of these instances may apply to you.