What content is allowed to be listed on ME?

Creators and community above all

Magic Eden has specific guidelines that we use for any potential collection that uses Launchpad - please see “What are Magic Eden’s guidelines for Launchpad?”.


In addition to that, we have a set of guidelines which have been developed to apply across both our primary marketplace and secondary marketplace. These guidelines are developed‌ to ‌honor original creators and serve the communities they build by providing transparency.


These guidelines will also help make ‌Magic Eden a respectful, safe and compliant space for collectors and creators alike. Everyone who lists NFTs on Magic Eden is expected to follow these guidelines.


  • Respectful

    We aim to foster positive, engaged and fun-loving communities and do not support content that promotes harm, extremist or unsafe behaviors.

  • Appropriate

    We stand for diversity and inclusiveness and do not condone content that could be deemed offensive.

  • Adaptive

    We recognize that the space keeps changing, and will be guided by feedback from affected communities and the community at large to revisit decisions we previously made.

Upholding these guidelines will not be easy, and we ask for your support as a web3 community. Please also continue providing us with feedback so we can refine these guidelines in a way that benefits our community.