What are Magic Eden's guidelines for Launchpad?

Magic Eden operates a website that users can access and interact with an independent smart contract protocol to mint new NFTs to the blockchain – we call this Launchpad. Launchpad cultivates and supports the web3 NFT community by helping creators launch collections, and provides a place for the community to discover collections. The categories of collections are varied and growing as web3 and the NFT industry continues to develop, but some examples of what we’ve recently seen include pfps (profile pictures), art, photography, games and many others.


We believe that trust, safety and communication are core principles of the web3 NFT community. These are the guidelines in place to help determine whether a collection meets the standards of Launchpad.


  1. Having a manifesto or roadmap for your collection is a good indicator to the community.

    NFTs are fun and exciting, and successful collections typically have a manifesto or roadmap that it makes known to the public. These vary in terms of their complexity based on each individual collection. Different NFT communities have worked together to create utility for their projects, including gated access (e.g. to particular Discord servers), IRL utility (e.g. access to events or merch), and other cool ideas!

    It’s important for collections to be realistic, honest and upfront with the community about their ability to deliver, especially if there is a manifesto or roadmap. The web3 NFT community expects collections to detail what they want to do, and how they plan on doing it. Collections must not mislead the community or misrepresent their ability to deliver an outcome.
  2. Creator teams must be honest and clear.

    A collection’s team is an important indicator to the community. You must be honest about who forms part of your team, the level of experience you have, what sort of backing you have and any partnerships you have. Collections should be aware of consumer protection rights, as ultimately the relationship is directly between a minter or purchaser and the collection itself. We caution Collections against puffery statements. For example, do not falsely state that something is done or a partnership exists if it doesn’t, especially if it is your main selling point to the community. If the primary mint of your NFT on Launchpad is the first major stage-gate for your collection, then you should present your project as an idea as opposed to something that is finished. 
  3. Collections should aim for originality and creativity.

    We encourage collections to explore new and original ideas to develop fun and interesting brands, ideas and frameworks for web3 development.

    Please see our Copyright Policy and Terms of Service for more details.
  4. Collections can't be an investment vehicle or offer equity or debt.

    Collections deemed to be investment vehicles either by the collection itself or by a third-party regulator are not permitted on Launchpad.
  5. Collections can’t launch a project that involves prohibited content.

    Launchpad cannot be used by projects if the collection contains content that is illegal, dangerous, an investment vehicle or generally inconsistent with the respectful, safe and compliant space fostered by Magic Eden for collectors and creators. These include:
  • NSFW materials such as pornography or strong nudity
  • Political fundraising
  • Financing or investment vehicles
  • Discriminatory, intolerant or other prejudicial materials



This isn’t an exhaustive list of what can and cannot be launched on Launchpad, but provides an insight into our underlying purpose. Any final decisions of whether a collection is launched on Launchpad will consider these and other safety measures.



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