How do I report potential copyright infringements?

With so many collections available in the NFT space, it's hard to tell originals from copycats and derivatives. And oftentimes it requires a very specific and detailed analysis to determine if there is any actual or potential infringement. We maintain a Terms of Service and Copyright Policy that we revisit as we learn more and grow with the broader NFT space.


While Magic Eden continues to invest and consider new and improved ways to detect potential IP infringement (by doing AI screening or otherwise), we encourage you as a member of our community to help identify potential infringements by collections so we can take appropriate action.


How to report

You can flag the project on their specific page within the marketplace and report it as a derivative or copyright infringement. You'll find the flag button on the upper right hand side of the collection heading.



How to lodge a copyright infringement claim

If you believe your own IP is being infringed upon, please use this form to submit a notification of claimed infringement against the unauthorized use of your copyrighted work.


Please note that by submitting a notification of claimed infringement, you agree that details about the notification may be shared with the impacted account holder.