Trust & Safety

Welcome to web3 and NFTs

Web3 can mean something slightly different to all of us, but I think we all agree it is important to be transparent in a fast-moving, evolving environment. Magic Eden aims to be your destination for discovery, expression, and ownership across digital cultures. Our goal is to provide the most delightful platform experience for creators and collectors. This requires trust in each other and in our platform, so we’ve outlined the responsibilities and information each of us needs in order to participate.

How do we uphold Trust and Safety in web3 and NFTs?

Please know that given how quickly NFTs are evolving, we are always open to feedback. We always love to hear from you so we can continue to make the right changes that benefit the community. Below you will find helpful information on our guidelines and policies.

Set out below is specific information we have on subject matters we are often asked about. If you have any other questions, try visiting our Help Center! And if you still don’t feel your question is answered, please send us a message using the chat widget below.

Setting expectations for Magic Eden, Creators and Collectors

Magic Eden

It’s our responsibility to provide a reliable platform with important information about NFT projects. For Launchpad, we will vet projects based on quality and safety signals. All users should also use Launchpad at their discretion.


Creators are responsible for delivering on the collection’s promises and providing adequate transparency to potential collectors so they can make informed decisions. After mint, creators are responsible for continuing to engage with their communities and fulfill their roadmap to their fullest potential.


Collectors are responsible for doing their own research. By minting or trading NFTs, collectors are choosing to support projects willingly. Projects’ outcomes and creator actions are not guaranteed by Magic Eden in any way.